Sunday, 21 June 2009

Disappointed by the Promise of Glucose

I went to the shops the other day and found a curiously named biscuit. “Glucose” it read. Well how bout that? I said to myself. Glucose. I like the way this company thinks. They tell it how it is. They cut the crap and give you what you need. Glucose. I happily bought one.  I think I might have even bought two.

You can imagine my disappointment when I greedily ripped open the packet and discovered a very dry, cream-less, chocolate-less biscuit with no kind of culinary embellishment at all. What the…?

It is my understanding that glucose is basically sugar, right? Shouldn’t a biscuit that prides itself on being “Glucose” be a bit more exciting than this? Basically thin dry bread.

Quite frankly, “Tiffany Biscuit” company, I am disappointed in you! What a waste of a good name! What a big waste. I hope there is another biscuit company somewhere in the world that will do justice to the promise of Glucose. I await its discovery eagerly.



  1. Hey, would love to see a picture of said biscuit!

  2. I have a picture, but I have lost my camera cable. sad times....

    I am sure it will re-surface soon. In the meantime, I can report that the packaging features a pastoral scene with two cows and humorously has the words "milk and honey biscuits" written underneath the huge GLUCOSE, possibly suggesting overrtones of paradise?

    Or are you talking about the actual biscuit itself, which was very dry and thin?

  3. hi, Laura
    let's first agree on the concept. who said this is really Tiffany? remember where u r. this region of the blessed planet has importers who go to the 'factory of the world' and talk the sweatshop owner down to the lowest possible cost for a dry piece of bread which they would later sell for half a dollar a piece and transform the proceeds into another concrete creature that adds to the beauty of khartoum's landscape. there sure is a governmental watchdog called the SSMO (standards, specifications whatever) which is rather busy imposing and successfully collecting fees from importers - period. what do they do about the tasks they r supposed to b carryin out? they (and we 2) simply wait for the delivery and installation of their promised state-of-the-art labs.
    old folks advice? eat it if u dare buy it. otherwise, buy your choice (fresh) dry bread, add glucose and (please) leave me some!!!
    abdul rahman
    PS: apologies 4 tresspassing, this is one of the people who came twicw or 3 times to your 1derful presentations (old, baldheaded NGO guy hanging out with Rasha?)

  4. Hey Karroag!

    I like your biscuital-economy analysis on Sudan and welcome to my blog.

    If I make biscuits, I shall be sure to save you some- maybe next presentation? That might happy due to the factors of laze and work. but there is always inshallah.