Saturday, 6 June 2009

on the transportation of semi-wild animals...

I have had a fun afternoon. If transporting semi-wild animals across Khartoum isn't a good time, I don't know what is... 

 Here is the "situation":

Two friends have a cat. They went on holiday. They asked me if I knew anyone that wouldn't mind looking after a cat for two months. I suggested my former neighbour, May. It turns out May's daughter is allergic to cats...End Result: I am now looking after a cat. Ilhamdulilah. 

I have never had a cat before. I once had a kitten when I was four. It's name was Fozzy and it got hit by a car shortly before we moved to America. It never really got the chance to be a proper cat. My new son, Toab looks a bit like Fozzy. He is orange and white, a tabby, a handsome tabby cat with a reckless spirit. 

But apart from Fozzy, I have limited experience with cats. This afternoon, I have already learnt a lot about cats:

Fact Number One: Cats do not like boxes. 

Fact Number Two: Cats do not like cars.

Fact Number Three: Cats are extremely talented escape artists.

Fact Number Four: Cats have claws.

Fact Number Five: It is not possible to "sneak" a cat into a building without guards or landladies finding out. 

I am sure I will learn all sorts of new facts about cats over the course of the next month.

Now Toab is asleep in the new bed I have made for him in the corner of the room. He looks pretty tranquil but he is probably planning his next assault... I await in fear and great trepidation.

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